Why would you choose us as your interior plant company?


When it comes to quality interior plant care, here are the three key areas where interior landscapers can differentiate themselves:


1.  Because your plants need regular pruning, dusting, and fertilizer.

In order for indoor plants to grow properly, they need regular pruning, dusting, rotating (frequently turning the plant away from it’s light source so that it grows normally) and fertilizer treatments.
It’s very easy to tell when plants have not been getting anything else but the occasional splash of water.  That’s called throwing water on plants to keep them alive, and not caring for them properly.


 2.  Because you need dependable service techs

Your horticultural tech needs to arrive consistently around the same day each week she or he is supposed to be there.  After 13 years in this business, I’m still amazed when we get called because someone is unhappy with their current plant care provider and when I ask them when the last time was that they came for service they scratch their heads and can’t remember the last time they saw the technician.

I’ve heard people tell me their provider sometimes calls and asks the client to water the plants that week because they can’t make it out…I’m shocked.  That should never happen.  If you’ve contracted us to be there on a regular basis, we’ll be there, period. We expect a lot from our techs.  They get trained well and take pride in what they do.  They’ll never call you and ask you to water for them that week because they can’t be bothered to make it by.


 3.  Because you’ll need regular, timely replacements as part of your service plan

This is the biggest one of all.

Tropical plants come into New England from sunny Florida and Hawaii–they’re used to perfect sun, perfect humidity, and perfect temperature.   They get placed in buildings, and often, with the right care and fertilizer, they thrive.

Sometimes though, nature isn’t so kind, and they don’t make the transition well, or maybe aren’t getting enough light, or the airflow isn’t right.  Regardless, those plants should be replaced, because you’re paying to have those plants looking great at all times, and I can tell you we will replace them when they need it.  This is another thing I see all too often with other interior landscapers.  Old, spindly plants that haven’t been pruned, fertilized, or replaced in a decade of service.

I like to put it to people this way–“You’ve got half the amount of leaves in here you should have for the amount of plants you have on site”.  We’re replacing plants all the time.  It’s a necessary part of the business, and the responsible thing to do.

Plant companies that don’t adhere to these crucial tenants that I’ve outlined above are practicing what we like to say in the industry as “Splashing and Dashing”; meaning doing the very minimal in care in order to spend the least amount of time, effort, and expenditure in maintaining your plants.

I can assure you, when we take care of your plants, you’ll never be a victim of the Splash N’ Dash.

Terry Lannan