white bird of paridise plant in modern planter in bedford, maStrelitzia nicolai - Bird of paradise flower

White Bird of Paradise

You may have heard of the Bird of Paradise flower–these are beautiful orange and blue flowers found in the tropics like Caribbean and Hawaii.

But this plant, it’s cousin called Strelitzia Nicolai, otherwise known as the White Bird of Paradise, is just as beautiful, albeit in a different way.

It has large, dramatic banana-like leaves grown from clumping stalks and is useful in many interior landscape designs, especially when a tropical landscape look is wanted.

The “White Bird” is native to South Africa. It is used outdoors in Florida as an office or interior plant, where it can reach a height of 25-30 or more feet if given enough room.

Care is pretty simple–like all plants, they like to dry out between watering, so a good drink every couple of weeks is best. They like medium to high light, and they are resistant to most interior plant pests with the exception of mealy bug (which pretty much every indoor plant is susceptible to) and spider mites, which will weave gross looking cocoon like webs between it’s beautiful leaves. These are all easily treated with rubbing alchohol, dish soap, or for a more permanent solution, a systemic pesticide like Merit.

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