Killing Them With Kindness

True or False: Interior Plants need to be watered everyday!.

False, false, false!

Most people overwater their office plants. In fact, it’s usually the main cause of the dreaded “black thumb”; People who say they aren’t good with plants usually overwater, not underwater them. Interior plants, just like outdoor plants, like for their soil and roots to dry out between watering. Signs of overwatering include yellow leaves, brown tips, and sagging, listless foliage.



This can kill a plant quick. A natural, aerated soil is best for the plant, and with rare exception, meaning plants directly in windows or other high light situations, most plants do fantastic on a biweekly or even monthly watering schedule. Lower light Draceanas, especially large ones, do fantastic with a nice, solid drink of water about every 3 to 4 weeks!

Overwatered plants quickly develop a host of problems, including obvious visual ones, but also some hidden issues can come up such as the dreaded fungus gnats (which I’ll discuss in a separate post down the road!) and worse, root rot:


Nasty stuff. You might not even know it–often times the plant will look fine, but below the surface of the soil the roots are soggy, wet, and rotting away. This can quickly lead to the death of the plant.


So, how do you keep from worrying about this? This is obviously where we come in. Our techs are carefully trained on how to monitor the watering needs of the plants you trust to our care, and we usually never run into overwatering problems. If you’re attempting to water plants on your own, then just go by our catchphrase: “If it’s wet then just forget”–meaning if the top of the soil shows any sign of moisture to the touch, there’s a 99.9% chance that plant doesn’t need any water.