a brightly colored Limelight plant in a company in waltham ma

Using Color In Interior Plant Design

Sometimes choosing the right plant goes beyond horticulture and you need to integrate aesthetics as well.

The picture on the left is of an office we installed plants in in Waltham, Massachusetts. We needed something to go in front of this piece of artwork that would compliment it, so we chose these Draceana Limelight Plants to go in this floor rectangle. These plants are naturally chartreuse in color and it brings out the same flashes of color in the artwork. Using a dark green plant in this situation would have gotten lost with this busy piece of artwork above, whereas these plants actually compliment it.

You obviously want the right plant for the right lighting situation, but wherever possible it’s always good to take into consideration the color of the plant itself (a dark green plant will look great against a lighter colored wall, for example, but will get completely lost against a dark grey or navy blue wall) when placing your plants around your office or home.

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