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Small Office

  • 8-10 plants; mix of floor and table/cabinet top

Medium Office

  • 9-14 plants; mix of floor and table/cabinet top

Large Office

  • 15+ plants; mix of floor and table/cabinet top


• Varies depending on the size of the wall

• Prices shown are guidelines

• Your actual quote may vary

EnviroGreenery is a Taunton, MA living plant wall design, installation, and maintenance company. Since 2003, we have been providing living plant walls, interior plant design and office plant maintenance to companies and facilities in Taunton, MA , and throughout MA and NH.

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Live Plant Walls: A Unique Concept in Office Plants


Add creativity and greenery to any office space with a living wall of green plants.

Professional Living Wall Design and Installation

We provide complete service and installation, including:

• Unique, Custom Plant Wall Designs

• Plant Selection

• Professional Installation

• Scheduled Maintenance

• Free Replacemen