A giant Rhapis Palm, Lady Palm, in Wakefield MA

Raphis Palm Planting

Rhapis Excelsa, usually just called a “Rhapis Palm” or commonly a Lady Palm, has elegant fan-shaped leaves from multiple woody stems and tends to grow columnar vs. outward, so it’s great for tight spaces in offices. Because it grows so slowly, it’s one of the more expensive indoor palms on the markets, but it tolerates medium to lower light levels, again, making it an excellent choice for offices.

This particular palm was installed in an condominium in Wakefield, MA in 2002. It’s a 12 foot giant, made even more impressive by it’s raised planting. This truly a remarkable plant.

Rhapis palms are hard to find in a retail store, if not impossible. If you’re lucky enough to grab one, they take a small amount of water about every two weeks, and are pretty resistant to most pests.