This large, 6 foot plant comes in a 14″ diameter grow pot. White Birds typically come in a 10″ size grow pot and larger, but I’ve seen them in mini sizes as small as 6″ grow pot size.

Here’s a brand new Strelitzia Nicolai, commonly known as the White Bird of Paradise, replacing a previous one that fell victim to the shutdown at Rivier University. We weren’t able to access the previous plant for a couple of months, and sadly it fell by the wayside. 🙁

So we installed this beauty in it’s place. The White Bird has big, dramatic leaves that add an exotic and tropical look to any interior setting. They’re relatively easy to care for–they like bright, indirect (or in some cases direct) light, but they need to be in or near a window for sure–this plant will do very poorly under flourescent lights, for instance.

It sure looks awesome in this corner!

This logo wall would be really blank without the plant next to it to help soften things.

These leaves are huge! They tend to naturally split over time–it doesn’t mean the plant is ill or anything, it’s just part of the natural process of the plant growing.

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