free replacement plants at envirogreenery with maintenance program

Replacement Plants

There’s a really good reason why we offer free replacement plants with any office plant maintenance program.

Let’s face it: An office is probably one of the worst environments for a tropical plant to try and thrive in. Not only is light usually limited, but the plant faces other challenges such as extremely dry air, constant whacking and bumping, overwatering from well meaning employees (and the occasional left over splash of coffee 🙁 Never understood that…) moving from one area to another, etc.

So with these challenges, there’s only so much that dusting, regular fertilizer, and pruning are going to do. Many times, your plants will naturally thin out over time, and this is why you have a plant service–so that we can provide you with new, healthy replacement plants.

At EnviroGreenery, we tend to be very liberal with plant replacements. It doesn’t have to die before we give you a new one–usually our guidelines is about 40% of foliage loss and we’ll be happy to bring you a brand spanking new plant, fresh off the trucks we get from sunny Florida.

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