Pothos TotemPothos totem in a facility in Watertown, MA

Pothos Totem

Pothos Totems are great plants for tight spots. Being a vine, pothos usually grows as a tabletop or hanging plant, but in this case it’s grown into a pyramid or totem form by painstaikingly wrapping the vines and gently stapling them to a center pole or a teepee of three bamboo poles grouped together.
Pothos Totems are great plants for tight spots. They fit where most plants won’t, and their footprint is small–never taking up more than one square foot of floor space, since we keep the trailers trimmed as part of any Interior Plant Maintenance plan.

They’re fairly easy to maintain, water about every 2 weeks or when the soil starts to dry out. They are a bit prone to mealybug as a pest, especially in dry environments like offices, so they need to be monitored pretty frequently.