a tabletop maria plant in an office in lowell massachusetts

Cabinet Top Plants

File cabinet tops are often the ideal location to place office plants. There are a number of reasons why.

Firstly, bare cabinet tops are just ugly–honestly. There’s something about a row of eggshell colored file cabinets with bare tops that just plain unsightly for some reason, and inevitably they become a home for odds and ends, loose papers, staplers, and other junk that people just set down and forget about.

The perfect solution for this is a few 8″ diameter cabinet top office plants, usually something with a low profile and bushy that does well under florescent lights, such as pothos, agloneama, or some, but not all types of draceana plants.

The second reason that these types of office plants make sense is that they take up no floor space whatsoever–they go on existing furnishings, so it’s not like you need to clear a space for them. They’re perfect in areas that are tight with lots of foot traffic.

The last reason this works is the best of all–because they’re inexpensive! At about $30 each for the plant and planter, they’re a bargain, and you can outfit an office with a lot of them for very little upfront cost.

a cabinet top pothos plant in an office in quincy massachusetts
tabletop plants in offices located in braintree ma

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