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Plant Rockeries

So here’s something different–our blog isn’t always about office plants.

This is an exterior plant rockery we created on my home property. In New England, there’s no shortage of spare rocks hanging around your yard outside. Why not do something unique with them?

Really all this is is a collection of stray rocks piled in such a way that creates at least a couple of different “levels” of height as well as little mini planter beds for the plants themselves. We filled the holes in with just regular potting soil and then planted New Guinea Impatiens, Rex Begonia, and Sedum (there’s a sweet potato vine in there too, though it’s struggling in this shady spot). With regular fertilizer and water, these flowering impatiens have thrived and are popping blooms out every day! This is directly under a big oak, so it’s pretty shady.

We actually had enough rocks around to do three different shaped rockeries around the property. Pretty cool, and really doesn’t take much design skill–just pick the right exterior plants and flowers for the light level, arrange the rocks so that they can support the soil, fill and plant it, and keep it watered, especially through the hot summer months, because there’s not much soil there to protect the roots from drying out.

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