grouping of plants in an office atrium in massachusetts

Take a look at the photo on the left

Pretty cool, huh? I took this photo on a recent trip I made to Belize. Here we have indoor plants growing outside, in their natural environment. This was small courtyard outside the room I was staying in.

Pothos, Sanseveria, Draceanas–all growing outdoors, in their native environment. Very pretty!

Now take a closer look…

What’s that!?  A small imperfection on that big pothos leaf–it’s missing a small section.

pothos plant closeup

And the Sanseveria plants at the bottom, a couple of the tips are browning…

snake plants closeup

Perfection Does Not Exist in Plants

The point of this is to illustrate that when you first looked at the picture of the plants on the wall, it all seemed just fine, but only when you zeroed in on individual plants, and saw slight imperfections, did you maybe notice something wrong. If I hadn’t pointed it out, you would likely have never noticed.

Office plants are the same way. They’re never going to be absolutely perfect, 100% of the time. A yellow leaf; a hole in another leaf, these are simply normal occurrences in plants and nothing to be overly concerned about. A few of these between visits is normal, and our techs will normally clean these up for you on their next scheduled visit.

Here’s another example:

This is a healthy Bamboo Palm plant, another typical Office Plant, growing right on the beach.  Its got a couple of brown fronds on the bottom, and a couple of its leaves on the fronds are split.

It’s just a perfectly normal part of the plant’s life cycle.  You could clean it up, remove those brown leaves, and in less than a week there would likely be a couple more at the bottom as the plant grows new tissue to replace old.

It’s not:

  • Sick

  • “Dying”

  • Diseased

  • “Looking Dry”

These are some of the common concerns people sometimes raise with us when they see a yellow leaf or two, or a browning tip, on their plants.

Humans are the same way–the shedding of hair, skin, and growth of fingernails…These are part of a living organism’s life cycle, and can’t be inhibited or helped.

It’s always good to remember that there is no such thing as a “Perfect Plant”.  Your plants will occasionally get yellow leaves, brown tips, and other slight imperfections. It’s a normal part of their growth cycle.  As mentioned before, we’ll take care of them on our next visit.  But don’t be mislead into thinking that a yellow leaf or two means the plants are either dying, too dry, or suffering from any other lack of care.

It’s perfectly normal, and unless the problem is widespread, not to worry, your plants can handle it!

palm office plant outside