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Tropical plants in their native environment

Office Plants in Their Natural Environment Part 2

I’m a plant nerd, so whenever I travel, I’m snapping photos of random plants and landscaping around the properties I stay at.

These photos were taken when we stayed at Naia Resort and Spa in Placencia, Belize.

In the first photo the landscaping outside this building includes Croton plants, Cordyline, and King Sago Palms..

Near the equator, there’s generous sunlight and year round warm temperatures, so these plants that normally grow fairly statically in office environments are allowed to thrive. They also benefit from high humidity and frequent rainfall, helping them fight off pests and diseases.

The Croton and Cordyline plants in particular are not really suited to office environments here in the north. They tend to dry out and develop spider mites and other insects. But here in the tropics, where they’re in their natural environment, they thrive.

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