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Jade Pothos

a row of pothos plants in manchester nh

We can’t say enough good things about pothos plants. Hardy, drought tolerant (to a degree) and very easy to care for, they look great in any room, but especially lined up here on these otherwise boring, drab file cabinets.

It’s very important not to overwater these guys–they get root rot easily–so only water when the soil has had a decent amount of time to dry out. They like indirect light (in a room with a window, but not in the window) but also do well under flourescents.

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6 Foot Janet Craig

Janet Craigs are an excellent, durable low light plant. They require little natural light and very little water on a weekly basis. Whatever you do, don’t put them in bright, sunny windows. This plant is used to a shaded jungle canopy in it’s natural environment, and it will struggle in bright sunlight.