Palm trees watering indoors

Office Plants and ROI


Did you know that plants present the best ROI of any part of your interior decorating plan for your office?

Think about it:  A picture you just glance at; a chair in the lobby maybe gets sat in once and a while.

But plants–Whoah!  They cover all the bases:  They provide cleaner air, they add warmth, softness and life, and they’re gorgeous to look at.

Many larger companies will spend a small fortune each year on the maintenance of their exterior landscaping, all the while their employees are slaving away in a drab, featureless office populated with mowhawk carpeting and dreary cubes.  

Ask yourself:  Where do you and your employees spend most of their time?  Walking around outside (and only 6 months out of the year here in New England, at the most) or working 8+ hours a day inside?  Doesn’t it make a little sense to provide some sort of pleasant working environment?




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