wall sconce in a wellesley ma office park

Office Plant Wall Sconces

This unique idea features a Pothos Plant in a mounted wall sconce.

Wall sconces with plants are a great solution for areas with little floor space, high traffic areas, or areas such as cafeterias and kitchens that see a lot of activity and where a floor plant might be in the way.

They’re completely self contained and waterproof–the plant sits in a waterproof plastic saucer that acts as a small reservoir. This keeps them from needing to be directly planted, something you should never do and this blog post explains why.

Over time, the trailers grow to cover the sconce. Certain plants like pothos plants love being placed in a sconce like this and will do fantastic. Other taller types of office plants tend to not work as well–not so much from a horticultural perspective but from a design one–plants that grow upright show too much of the sconce itself and the whole thing looks kind of weird. It’s best to stay with pothos, hoya, or another type of trailing plant.

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