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EnviroGreenery: Office Plant Experts

Since 2003, we have been providing office plant design and maintenance

to companies throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We Provide:


Office Plant Design

• Free consultations

We’ll visit your facility, get feedback on any areas you’d like to concentrate on, snap some quick photos, and photoshop pictures of plants directly into the photos of your office.

• Detailed price quotes

We put this all together with pricing in a handy pdf that allows you to clearly visualize what a difference a few plants will make!


Live Plant Walls

• Design

We offer a range of plant wall designs, from uniform and hedge-like to the wild and jungley!

• Professionally Installed and Maintained

Regular maintenance and free replacement plants to keep the wall looking fantastic!


Indoor Fountains

• Selection

We offer a number of self contained indoor fountains, from modern to classic; natural looking to Zen

• Sales, Installation and Maintenance

We offer complete installation and ongoing maintenance, including regular cleaning and pump warranties.


Flowering Plants

• Flower Rotations

Why settle for one color? We’ll rotate flowering plants constantly, replacing them with new colors and designs to keep your facility bright and cheery year round

• Seasonally Themed

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter themed displays means an ever changing variety of beautiful designs!


Large Plantings

• New Installations

Contemporary planter design with the latest plants, hardscape and groundcover elements

• Renovations

Bring your large planter up to date by tossing those tired plants and dated bark mulch for a streamlined design with new, lush plants and contemporary ground cover!


Guaranteed Maintenance

• Regular Maintenance Visits

Watering, Fertilizer, Pruning, Dusting, and of course TLC!

• Unlimited free replacement plants

If your plants happen to thin out over time, no worries! We’ll give you brand new ones!


Office Plant Design and Maintenance

We start with a complimentary walkthrough, and we’ll come up with some ideas for a cool office plant design based on your lighting, airflow, humidity levels, and space requirements. It’s called a consultation for a reason: We’ll listen carefully to your ideas and needs, and ultimately design a plan for plants that fits your office and can increase your IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) without costing a fortune. Our philosophy is to accent and compliment areas, not necessarily turn the office into a rainforest!

Included in all office plant maintenance programs:

  • Watering

  • Pruning

  • Dusting

  • Organic Fertilizer

  • Free Replacement Plants

We maintain close relationships with our nurseries in Florida and visit regularly to insure we receive the highest quality foliage plants for our customers. In addition, we keep up to date on the latest interior design styles, new species of plants for use indoors, and new and innovative container choices.

Check out some installations we’ve done on our portfolio page, or visit our custom projects page for some out of the ordinary designs we’ve done.


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