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Soil Additive: Osmocote Fertilizer

As I’ve mentioned before, a good balanced fertilizer is important to periodically introduce to the soil to keep your office plants fed and healthy, and is an important part of any indoor plant maintenance schedule.

Osmocote is an old standby–been around for as long as I can remember. It’s a great balanced N/P/K fertilizer, typically the values being somewhere along the lines of 15/9/12 respectively, with some added micro nutrients that are important for plants such as manganese, copper, iron, and zinc.

It’s extremely important to fertilize all your plants, indoor and outdoor, with a regular schedule. Fertilizer nourishes the plant and is especially important for indoor plants because the nutrients in the soil that is in the grow pot quickly get depleted over time. You basically just sprinkle it onto the top of the soil and water it in (read and follow the directions as to how much–too much will kill your plant!) and it will work on it’s own.

Osmocote is a slow release fertilizer, meaning it breaks down slowly over time, gradually introducing nutrients into the soil, versus a liquid fertilizer, or a granular fertilizer that gets mixed with liquid and watered into the plant, which can get absorbed by the roots right away and has a much quicker absorption rate.

Osmocote is available anywhere–garden centers, hardware stores, amazon.com–it’s easily found and affordable. On our office plants we usually use a balanced liquid fertilizer for quick absorption into the soil, but for living walls on self watering systems that we can’t introduce liquid fertilizer into we use osmocote.

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