Live Plant Wall Installation Step By Step

Live Plant Wall Installation Step By Step2019-11-25T12:25:09-04:00

A Step By Step Living Plant Wall Installation

Here we’ll go through a plant wall installation from start to finish.

We begin by measuring the area where the wall is to be installed and drilling the mounting holes.

We use sturdy toggle bolts to secure the framing to the wall, in this case common drywall.

The backing grids are now installed, spaced evenly and leveled properly, in order to properly display and support the plant trays.

We begin installing the plant trays, spacing them on the grid depending on the size of the wall

The grid design allows the plant trays to be adjusted depending on the size of the plants that are being installed, because not all plants going in the wall are always the same size.

Now that the framing and trays are in place and secure, we can add the side panels.

We attach the side panels to the tray assembly.

The trays themselves act as a water reservoir for the plants–there is no internal plumbing needed. The system is entirely self contained.

Now it’s time to add the plants. One 5 foot by 4 foot living wall this size takes forty eight 6″ diameter plants to fill!

The plants are installed one by one and often need to be adjusted frequently as the wall takes shape so that the right visual effect is achieved.

Each plant is individually wicked and fitted into the tray system that will act as a reservoir and feed the plant water as needed.

The completed wall creates a merge like effect–the tilted trays face all the plants forward so that the 48 individual plants installed appear as one contiguous hedge.


The living wall, though comprised of a number of individual plants, gives the illusion of one homogeneous plant colony. It’s important to note that the Guaranteed Maintenance we provide for the wall is crucial–as the individual plants grow and compete for light and space, they will frequently need to be replaced, especially along the bottom row, since the light source for most interior walls is in the ceiling. We provide these replacement plants free for as long as you have the service.

Other benefits from having us service the wall includes adding water at the right levels (though self-contained, it can overflow if not monitored correctly!) regular removal of debris and leaf tissue that can clog the subirrigation system, rotating the plants so they grow evenly, dusting them to keep their leaves clean and breathing, as well as providing a scheduled fertilizing program to the water supply for them to draw nutrients from.

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