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King Sago Palm

One of the coolest plant species we get to work with is the King Sago Palm, or Cycas Revoluta.

Cycas Revoluta, otherwise known as a King Sago Palm is a rugged, long-living plant that’s actually not a palm at all, though their foliage looks like palm fronds. Sagos are in the cycad family and are native to southern Japan. This beast of a plant goes back to the Jurassic Age and is one of the oldest species of plant on the planet, and with their rugged trunk, leathery thick leaves, and ability to withstand temperature extremes it’s easy to see why they have survived so long.

they are slow growing, and can take up to 50 years to reach maturity. They like a lot of light and indoors it’s best to mist them frequently, because they’re prone to both mealybug and scale. That said, they’re relatively low maintenance, needing maybe a drink of water every month or so, since they store a lot of water in their thick trunks and leathery leaves.

As an office plant we tend to place these directly in windows or under skylights. Occasionally the tips may get brown due to lack of humidity but otherwise they’re easy to care for. They can be hard to find as bigger specimens, though–it’s unlikely your local New England garden center will have them, though they’re common in garden centers throughout the south as an outdoor shrub.

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