snake planters on file cabinets in massachusetts

Interior Landscaping

Office plant service, interior plant service, interior landscapers…How do we define ourselves?

Well, in reality it is a matter of terminology–it’s whatever our customers feel comfortable with. But though we provide office plants, many times, the design services we provide are so much more.

The reason we as an industry define ourselves as primarily interior landscapers is because many times it’s about picking the right plants in the right planter for the space. You have to know how to incorporate the right plants in the space that’s available. Are they low or high light plants? Do they require a lot of airflow? Will they grow up and stay columnar, or will they grow out and eventually take over the area they’re in?

This row of rectangle planters with Sanseveria plants is a perfect example. Floor space is extremely limited here. One of the most effective ways of incorporating plants into an area like this is with rectangle planters arranged parallel along these rows of file cabinets. And what sort of plants should you use? Well, though it seems intuitive, you want to pick something with a low profile, otherwise they’ll simply be too tall and get in the way. And if they’re placed tightly in these rectangle planters, you’ll need a plant that can tolerate being placed close together like this in a hedge type configuration, which the sanseveria handles well.

The term “Interior Landscaper” has never really caught on with the public to become part of the popular vernacular, at least in the 20 or so years I’ve been involved in the industry. But it’s really the most accurate description of what we do. From choosing the right plants, to renovating indoor planters, choosing the right style and color planters to fit the area the plants are going in: All of these amount to more than just someone who comes in and waters your plants.

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