Indoor Fountains for Homes and Offices

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We offer a complete line of indoor and outdoor self contained fountains, from tabletop to full size.


We provide everything you need to add
a specialty water feature, including:

• Design

• Installation

• Regular Water refill and maintenance

• Pump Warranty

• Live plants to compliment your water feature and create that “wow” factor

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Freestanding Fountains


These fountains are completely self contained, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They operate via an internal reservoir filled with water–no external plumbing connections are needed!


Tabletop Fountains


For smaller areas, we have a complete line of self contained tabletop sized fountains. These are perfect for lobbies, small offices, anywhere where you would like to add the soothing sounds and ambiance of flowing water.



A lovely fountain is the perfect addition to any indoor space.

Our current clients include major companies in and throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire:


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We Provide:

  • Indoor Fountains and Free Estimates
  • Fountain Design and Installation
  • Live Plants and Fountains
  • Fountains for Homes
  • Fountains for Offices
  • Corporate Fountain Installation
  • Indoor Fountain Design
  • Freestanding Fountain Sales
  • Fountain Maintenance 

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