garden picture framed with azalea

This is just a shot of one of the flower beds framed by a beautiful 10 foot tall pink azalea bush that’s well established and covered with blooms every spring.

Outdoor Garden Pictures

Clients often ask me if I am as big of an outdoor plant enthusiast as I am an indoor one.

Here’s just a few pictures of what we’ve got going on in the home garden–a well established azalea bush, lots of sedum kamtschaticum, and something really unique–a lettuce bowl–which features differing types of edible greens!

This sedum grows anywhere, grows like crazy, tolerates drought, and will flower in a few weeks, mid summer or so

an outdoor planter with lettuce varietals

We have this lettuce bowl in a planter on our patio. Nothing like cooking a burger and reaching over and grabbing fresh lettuce for it!