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Filling Large Spaces with Plants

Just as space can be sometimes tight in offices, many times we’re asked to come up with a solution to fill a large, empty blank area of an office with some sort of planting solution.

In the example at the left, we had this large space to fill with some sort of planting. The client was budget conscious and needed something to fill this space that would be affordable.

Though the natural impulse might just be to stick a big, specimen sized plant in this spot, often this isn’t the best solution. Because this area was near the entrance of the office, a single giant bushy plant would have looked a little silly, and a little lonely sitting there all by itself, no matter how big it was.

Houseplant - Plants

Groupings Fill Large Spaces

Instead, we tried a different approach.

This grouping of one specimen sized Hologram plant in a raised European cylinder along with three Lemon Lime floor plants does the trick. The large plant gets an additional 3 feet added to it’s height by the raised cylinder, so that the foliage is a focal point at eye level. Around the base, we cluster 3 colorful Lemon Lime plants to offset the grey colored planters and the grey carpet.

Plants - Rock garden

Filling The Space

Here’s the rendering of what the finished space will look like.

Incidentally, this is how we assemble all our quotes–by incorporating pictures of our plants directly into photos of your office, so you can get a clear visualization of what the finished product looks like before we come to install. If this design wasn’t to the client’s liking, we can always tinker with it in photoshop before presenting something that they liked–a clear advantage in this digital age.

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