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Ficus Trees–High Light Indoor Trees


A ficus tree is what most people think of when they imagine an indoor tree. They’re common in Interior Landscape environments–malls, airports, and lobbies, because given the right lighting levels they can grow huge indoors.

They require lots of natural light, either in or very near a sunny window, and they like fresh air, but don’t like drafts. What that means is that they’re ideal for a large lobby away from the front doors (where fresh air comes in) but may struggle in a stuffy conference room, no matter how large it is, with heat vents blasting on their tender little leaves. Like any indoor plant, they like a good soaking and then like to dry out a bit between waterings.

Once established, they’re pretty resistant to most pests except mealybug–this you’ll have to watch out for. They are aggressive growers and resilient though, so if they defoliate you can prune them and they’ll usually bounce back. As with all plants, a few yellow leaves and some dropping leaves now and then is completely normal.

These trees shown on the left are growing outdoors in the Caribbean, with lots and lots of sunshine, rain, breeze and humidity, which is why they’re gigantic! Given the right environment, these trees can grow to 70 or 80 feet tall, as they often do in their native environment, the jungles of the Indian subcontinent.