Nutrient - Dyna-Gro Grow

Soil Additive: Dyna Grow Fertilizer

In addition to Osmocote , we also supplement our fertilizer program with Dyna Grow quick release liquid fertilizer, as an added nutrient.

Unlike a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote, Dyna Grow is a liquid fertilizer added to each watering that we give our office plants that help provide a constant source of nutrients. It’s a much weaker formula, typically something along the 7/9/5 (N/P/K) lines or thereabouts, which allows us to administer it constantly to the plants we take care of verses once every few months. Nutrients in small doses such as this can be added to interior plants on a regular basis. In contrast, High Nitrogen fertilizers, such as Miracle Grow, for example, should only be given every couple of months or so.

The plants benefit from this regular feeding and show it in new tissue growth, better color, and resistance to insects and diseases.

Dyna Grow is available online from a number of sources in small batches, and it’s easily found and affordable. We’ve had great success with it over the years.

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