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Custom Interior Landscaping Projects

Custom Planter Installation


This large, custom designed installation of over 85 plants and hardscape materials was a project at Earth Brands in Waltham, Massachusetts.


These were a series of 6 specially built wooden planters that required a unique design. We needed to come up with something trendy that would reflect the look and feel of the facility that integrated with the rustic design of the planter boxes.


We began with foamboard cut specifically to each planter section, so that we’d have a base to work with. We then installed waterproof black sheeting to keep damage to the wood to a minimum.


Materials included multi colored artificial river rock, artificial sheet moss, lifelike fountain grass, bamboo, and over 85 philodendron, sanseveria, and neon pothos plants.


We kept the same elements in each planting and mixed and matched the artificial, “hardscape” elements with live plants. The result is 6 individually unique (yet still matching) planters throughout the facility–a fantastic look!

Custom Artificial Plant Design

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This project for The Hamilton Company headquartered in Brighton, MA, was for a residential building located in Brockton and they were searching for a modern stylish planting for their lobby and preferred an artificial plant display due to access issues with the facility.

We began with some 7 foot bamboo sections, which we cut down to different lengths, painted matte green, and arranged in plastic trays.

We then set the bamboo with quickcrete in the trays so it was held firmly in place, and provided us a stable base to work with.

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Using the bamboo for a backdrop, we designed bright orange vandella and white phalaenopsis orchid sprays and curly willow for a very cool, chic look!

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We topped them off with a layer of black river rock for groundcover, and used matte black European style tall square planters, which gave the already tall arrangements even more height. This helped fill the space perfectly.

The client was overjoyed with the finished result!

This project at University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, called for a complete renovation of an existing live plant wall that was in very poor condition.

The main problem with this wall was that the wrong plants were chosen for the type of environment the wall was located in.

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Avada Macbook Image

We began by removing all the existing plants and replacing them with both jade and neon pothos plants, which tolerate lower light levels as well as the dense, competitive environment that exists for the plants in a living wall.

Plants in a live green wall are always competing for light and space, so it’s important to choose the right species that will thrive in these conditions.

This wall was massive, close to 18 feet long and about 8 feet high!

Avada Macbook Image
Avada Macbook Image

The finished wall is a dense hedge of thriving plants. We’ll keep it looking this way with regular maintenance and replace any plants that need it over time.


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