A limelight plant in a client office in Andover Massachusetts

Planter Trends

Over the years, I’ve seen lots of container colors come and go, as far as what’s in style for offices during which time period.

When I first started the company in 2001, burgundy colored containers were all the rage (believe it or not!).  Lots of offices were being furnished with burgundy highlights in carpet, furniture, dark wood, etc.  In the mid 2000’s everything was earth tones; wheat, khaki, olive, etc.  That trend stayed up until the next decade, when furnishings started to change to experimenting with grey highlights in carpeting, etc.

Over the past few years, grey has been omnipresent in pretty much EVERY office renovation that I’ve seen; so we had been installing a lot of charcoal, light grey, black, silver, and gunmetal colored planters.  

Lately though, white colored planters are starting to gain in popularity.

I love white planters.  Nothing brings out the color of a plant like the wonderful contrast that white planters offer.  Shown here to the left is a brilliant colored Limelight plant in an office at a client site in Andover, Massachusetts.  

Sometimes I wonder what colors planters will be 50 years from now.  Rainbow?  Plaid?  Clear?  At some point, you’ll have to think we’d have worked our way throught the entire color pallette!