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EnviroGreenery provides office plant care, corporate plant design and interior plantscaping services in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Client Profile:

Amag Pharmaceuticals

1100 Winter Street, Waltham MA

A custom designed plant display in Waltham ma

Amag Pharmaceuticals, at 1100 Winter Street, Waltham MA, develops and delivers innovative medicines for complex yet under-treated health conditions across a range of therapeutic areas including anemia, pregnancy complications, women’s sexual function and menopause-related issues.

This office is two floors in Bay Colony office park in Waltham. They’ve got a very large amount of plants spread among both floors of the office, and the design ranges from the funky, as with this driftwood arrangement, to the traditional, shown to the right.

Tall white rectangle planter in Waltham MA

We used a number of tall planters throughout the site, with simple, elevated floor plants like this ZZ plant.

a janet craig plant in a company in waltham ma

Here we have a Janet Craig plant placed in the same hip high tall cylinder planter, again, this is a great look because it brings a lush, bushy plant up to eye level where it makes a much better impact.


Julie Comeau is the Facility Director at Amag: “Terry and his staff are easy to work with and do a great job. Whenever we have an issue with the plants I can reach out to them and someone gets back to us immediately.”

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