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EnviroGreenery provides office plant care, corporate plant design and interior plantscaping services in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Client Profile:

Archambeault and Associates

15 Richardson Ave, Wakefield MA

Archambeault and Associates, at 15 Richardson Ave, Wakefield MA, is a wonderful accounting firm in Wakefield, and one of EnviroGreenery’s longest, most loyal customers. We began plant service with Susan Archambeault long ago in our company history, in 2005, when EnviroGreenery was just a little sprout and we had less than 20 customers!

The office is in the lower level of a building in Wakefield, so low light plants with small footprints is a must, as seen here, with this rectangle planter on top of this file cabinet.

Here we have a Maria plant on top of another cabinet, and below, a warneckii plant.  Whenever possible, it’s better to mix sizes and shapes of planters, even if the plants are the same size, to avoid the look being redundant and stale.


Laurie Warren manages the office at Archambeault Associates: “We’ve been with EnviroGreenery a very long time for a reason.  Terry takes great care of us!.”

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Professional Office Plant Design, Installation and Maintenance

We provide:

• A Huge Selection of Interior Plants

• Office Plant Design and Maintenance

Flowering Plant Rotations

Indoor Fountains

Living Plant Walls

For more information, stop by our Plant Services Page page, or learn more About Us, or you can view our Portfolio of interior plant installations.

You can also view some Testimonials and the latest Blog posts as well.


Edgewater Place

30 Audubon Road, Wakefield MA

This company located at Edgewater Place in Wakefield benefits from a multiple rows of short sanseveria plants in custom planters down the center of the office.

Resolute Financial

599 North Ave., Wakefield MA

A very happy Ficus Wintergreen plant in the office of Resolute Financial. You can’t tell from this picture, but a very sunny window is right over this tree, helping this plant to thrive. Resolute Financial has been an office plant client in Wakefield since 2014.

Why You Should Consider Adding Plants To Your Office:

• Office plants Increase Happiness and Productivity according to this article in the Guardian

• Office plants reduce stress

• They help reduce noise in the office

• Office plants combat sick building syndrome

• Plants contribute significantly to interior design

• NASA has invested a tremendous amount of study towards the benefits of plants in space

View from trail in Middlesex Fells Reservation

Wakefield has a number of benefits, namely being easy easily accessed from plant clients we have on routes in the North Shore, on the way to or back from Danvers, Beverly and Peabody.
We enjoy servicing our accounts in Wakefield–it’s quiet, limited traffic, and great places to stop for lunch are always nearby at Marketstreet Lynnfield and Crossing at Walkers Brook.

Wakefield was first settled in 1638 and was originally known as Lynn Village. It officially separated from Lynn and incorporated as Reading in 1644 when the first church (First Parish Congregational Church) and the first mill were established.

Edgewater Drive Office Park is where the majority of our clients are located. Past and present clients in Wakefield include Biopoint, Hartshorne & Curley Group, Vestmark Inc., Odessey Systems, and Stancorp Financial.

Current Office Plants Blog posts:

Using Color In Office Plant Design

September 12th, 2019|

Using Color In Office Plant Design

Here’s a recent installation we did at Fulcrum Research Group in Waltham, Massachusetts.

This is an example of choosing a colorful plant to compliment it’s surroundings. We’ve installed three yellow guzmania bromliads in this floor rectangle planter, specifically choosing a colored plant that would compliment the other furnishings in the office.

You can see the color reflected in the chair at the right as well as the highlight in the sign at the top. This makes for a better overall presentation of the planter and ties everything neatly together.

You can learn more about our interior plant service and others on our Interior Plant Services page.

To learn more about us, visit our About Us page.

Yucca Office Plant

September 6th, 2019|

Yucca Plants

One of my favorite, most durable indoor office plants is the Yucca plant.

Yucca Plants are a rugged, long-living plant that’s not ideally suited for indoors, though in the right spot, with the right light, they can last forever. This beast of a plant is part of a genus native to the Southwest and Mexico, though the office plant version is slightly different and mostly grown in Florida in a subtropical climate.

As such, they are cold and heat resistant, making them an ideal choice for areas in offices such as entryways/vestibules where the temperatures can be extreme from heat to cold, much like the desert.

They have a thick woody trunk that stores plenty of water so they only need watering about once a month, and are grown in either cane form, shown here, or in bush or “stump” form (the cane actually being a stump in the soil that the fronds cover so that it’s practically invisible). They are disease resistant as well as pest resistant, with the exception of a pervasive scale type insect that can quickly spiral out of control if left untreated and kill the plant, but controllable if it’s identified early on.

You can learn more about this plant and others on our Interior Plant Library page.

To learn about the benefits of indoor plants, check out our Benefits page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you charge for quotes?

A: We do not charge for quotes. We have a wonderful visual quoting process where we can do a short, complimentary walkthrough of your office and take a series of photos, and then photoshop pictures of the plants right in, so you can clearly see the difference you’ll experience with adding some live plants, and get a feel for the finished result.

Q: How does the program work?

A: We provide you with a quote for the plants and containers, which you’ll own. We provide you a separate price for regular maintenance visits that include watering, fertilizer, dusting, pruning, and most importantly, regular, free replacements when they’re needed

Q: What does it cost?

A: Prices range from $75 a month on up, depending on how many and how large the plants are.

Q: Does it include taking care of a few company plants we already have?

A: In most cases, we can care for a few of the plants you have on site when we make our scheduled maintenance visits as a complimentary service included in the maintenance of the other plants.

Q: Does it require a long term commitment?

A: We offer two types of payment: A month to month plan where you can cancel with 30 days notice, and a yearly prepaid maintenance plan that includes a discount off the monthly cost.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Easy! Just get in contact with us to arrange a short site visit, and we’ll take it from there!

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