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EnviroGreenery provides office plant care,

corporate plant design and interior plantscaping services in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

Client Profile:

TIE Kinetix

3 Highwood Dr #101e, Tewksbury MA

plant service, plantscaping experts

TIE Kinetix provides solutions to market, sell and deliver your business.

This Umbrella plant is very happy in this corner office. Shefflera Amate plants are commonly known as Umbrella plants because of their graceful, soft, canopy like leaves. They like a decent amount of natural light, anywhere from medium to high.

Client Profile:

Blaire House of Tewksbury

10 Erlin Terrace, Tewksbury MA

a trio of plants in a lobby

Blaire House of Tewksbury, is an elder care facility at 10 Erlin Terrace in Tewksbury.

These big, lush philodendron plants help make this seating area inviting. There is a generous amount of natural light here from nearby windows, allowing for a Ficus Tree as well to compliment this interior planter display.

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