• So you start with an office.  

    STEP 1

    You add all the things you need:

    Computers, cubes, and eventually employees.

  • Only, somethings missing!

    STEP 2

    Sure, it’s a great company…

    But the office feels empty, stale, and boring.

  • The employees feel stifled–almost boxed in.


    With productivity suffering…

    You think of ways to make the space more warm and welcoming.

  • Hmm…maybe some more generic office artwork?

    STEP 4

    Then again…Maybe not…

  • Maybe there’s a way to actually add some life?

    STEP 5

    Something eco-friendly, that improves the air quality,  lifts the morale of everyone, and makes the whole office seem brighter and warmer!

  • Wow! What a difference a few plants can make!

    STEP 6


  • Big Improvement!


  • Not bad! The employees approve, for sure!

    STEP 8

    • Improved productivity

    • Improved the office air quality

    • Made the place look fantastic

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