Green wall--live plant wall example

Bushy Plant Wall

When we first started installing live plant walls, I found myself tending to design most of them with this very organized, structured look of either all one species of plants, or two species layered perfectly together in exact slanted lines, etc.

Lately, I’ve tended to trend more to these bushy, junglely looking plant walls, such as this one we have installed in Watertown, Ma.

These types of design emphasize diversity of texture and leaf; big broad leaves, varigated shades of greenish grey and dark green, soft, rounded leaves and sharp pointed ones. Personally, I think it’s more indicative of what an actual jungle would look like–there’s not a lot of order and structure in the vegetation in the rainforest.

It’s kind of a zen thing. There is no perfection in nature because nature is perfect all by itself. I think these type of living plant walls reflect that type of thinking.

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