Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh - Palm house
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh - Botanical garden


I find atriums fascinating.

To bring that number of plants indoors and have them coexist and thrive in an environment that they’re not really suited for is an achievement that I think few people appreciate.

These are pictures of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A visit to this glasshouse is definitely on my bucket list. I’ve seen some beautiful indoor garden displays, but this one looks spectacular.

The plants here are well established, and like all plants, given the right environmental conditions, they’ll thrive. As I mentioned, keeping the right light levels and airflow is crucial in any indoor atrium such as this (and though it’s classified as a botanical garden, it’s still just a giant atrium, in effect).

They even have an indoor lily pond! How cool is that! Water lilies are simply beautiful–I can’t think of a more peaceful image than a pond with water lilies gently swaying with the currents.

If you’re local here in New England, I highly recommend a visit to the Montreal Botanical Gardens; Montreal is a fantastic city, and the gardens are worth the trip alone. I’m planning on doing a separate blog post on them at a later date.

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