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Aglaonema Plants

Aglaonema is a genus of plants in the arum family, Araceae. They are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea.They are known commonly as Chinese evergreens.

We use these plants extensively in office plant installations around New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

There are countless varieties based on leaf color; Silver Bay, BJ Freedman, Maria, Cutlass, Silver Queen…They all share the same characteristics, though. Generally they have slender, spear shaped leaves and grow in bush form. They tolerate lower light conditions well and are fairly resistant to insects and diseases, with mealybug being the main insect predator and erwinia being the only disease that they tend to come down with on the long truck ride up from nurseries in Florida.

Care is pretty simple–like all plants, they like to dry out between watering, so a good drink every couple of weeks is best. They like low light and regular pruning, which will keep their stalks from getting too tall and leggy and force new stalks and leaves from the root ball.

Here at EnviroGreenery, we just call them “Ags” and depend on them greatly for low light plant installations–they’re a workhorse!

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