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Coming Soon: Home Plant Delivery!

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Coming Soon–Plants Delivered to your Home with Clancy’s Plants!

Soon you’ll be able to order all of our beautiful, interior landscape quality plants and have them delivered to your home! From tabletop ZZ plants to 10 foot tall Ficus Trees and Living Plant Walls, we’ll offer it all!

We’re weeks away from launch at! More details to follow as we get closer!

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Tall Planters

Tall Planters

I’ve posted about these tall planters before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

If you’re looking to fill a room with a higher ceiling, placing a taller plant in a taller planter is a great way to fill space. Plants are often priced by how large they are, (of course) and so by placing a smaller plant in a taller planter you can get more bang for your buck, when it comes to trying to fill a large space.

If you’re going this route it’s often wise to weight the bottom with something, because plants are naturally top heavy when they’re placed in planters like this. This keeps it from toppling over and making a huge mess should you accidently bump it.

massengeana cane plant in a tall planter in taunton massachusetts

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