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New Growth on Hoya

Hoya plants are a great high light plant with decent drought tolerance.

Found a surprise on this plant! White/cream/pink coloration or variegation is common in many hoya and can be very beautiful. However, keeping this variegation requires a lot of bright light and care otherwise it may revert back to solid green leaves.

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Colored Aglaonemas

Etta Rose Plant ExampleEtta Rose Plant

Here’s a unique plant, an Aglaonema varitey named “Etta Rose”

Decades ago these varietals didn’t exist–with the demand for office and houseplants increasing, nurseries are always experimenting with propagation techniques and the result was a slew of colored Ags in the last couple of decades (Aglaonemas traditionally have just shades of green in their leaf structure). It will be interesting to see what the next few decades bring!

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