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Spanish Moss for Plants

Plants - ZZ plant
Plants - Moss

Spanish Moss for Plants

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss is a great groundcover for interior plants, providing some insulation against colder temperatures, some water retention benefits, as well as cosmetically covering the bare soil around the base of the plant.

We actually don’t use real Spanish moss in our plant installations. Fibrex Moss is a much more ecofriendly alternative.

Fibrex moss is made from unused wood fibers–it looks exactly like Spanish moss but instead it is finely shredded grey fibers. It’s not yanked from trees and bagged to be sold commercially; instead it’s a recyclable by product of wood pulp production. We buy it by the case, but you can purchase small amounts of it on Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Be careful with Fibrex moss–be sure to just put a thin layer on the top of the plant, not clumped up in big pieces that are inches thick.
This can keep the top soil on the plant from drying out between waterings, as well as become a breeding ground for insects such as Fungus Gnats. A little of it goes a long way!

You can learn more about our service on our Interior Plant Services page.

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Artificial River Rock

Planter rocks

Artificial River Rock

One of the great innovations in Interior Landscaping to come around in the last decade or so is Artificial River Rock.

These are hollow core, plastic rocks that resemble real river rock. They’re incredibly lifelike, (as lifelike as rocks can be!) and come in a variety of colors, though we tend to use black the most, and white the second most, because the white look great as a contrast against dark green plants.

They’re primarily used as a top dressing for plants, and a real modern alternative to moss or worse, (ugh) bark mulch. We use them in indvidual plantings and plants as well as top dressing in small planter beds.

By the square foot they are a little on the expensive side, but they’re much lighter and less messier than real river rock.

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Flower Bowl Rotation Billerica MA

Floral design - Flower bowl billerica ma
indoor plant services flower bowl roations

Seasonal Flower Bowl Displays

Here’s an example of our latest Seasonal Flower Bowl display installed at New England Pediatrics at 76 Boston Road, Billerica, MA.

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is the quality of the flowering plants displays we do. Instead of just a flowering plant thrown into a bowl, Erica, our Service Manager, does a tremendous job incorporating other elements into the design.

A former floral designer, she does beautiful design work like this on all our interior flowering plant displays. For this bowl, she’s used a base of three Indian Night bromeliads along with cute springy elements like mushrooms, frogs, and other decorations for this children’s pediatric facility.

I’ve seen other flowering plant rotations from other office plant companies in buildings where we have plant clients and they simply don’t compare. We try to provide you with the best possible quality at a reasonable price, and these flower bowls are one example.

You can learn more about this service aand others on our Interior Plant Services page.

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New Plant Wall Installation Burlington MA

Devil's ivy - Live Plant Wall

New Living Wall Installation in Burlington MA

Check out our latest living plant wall installation at Dental Bright at 11 Cambridge Street, Burlington MA.

For this wall, we used a combination of Golden Pothos and Neon Pothos plants.

Neon pothos are a striking chartreuse color and we often use them as an accent plant in certain plant installations, with this wall being a perfect example.

Because the two species of pothos are botanically identical, they provide a subtle, more nuanced color variation.

EnviroGreenery - Living Plant Wall with Pothos in Burlington ma

Luckily this facility benefits from some huge floor to ceiling windows that are opposite this wall that provide a lot of indirect sunlight.

Pothos plants thrive in living walls, and we’ll be busy enough keeping these trailers trimmed so that the plants maintain a uniformed, hedge like appearance.

Curious to see how a living wall gets installed?

Click Here to see a step by step living plant wall installation.

You can learn more about the plants used in this living plant wall on our Interior Plant Library page.

To learn more about plant walls, visit our living plant wall page HERE and to see a step by step living plant wall installation visit This Page Here


To learn about the benefits of indoor plants, check out our Benefits page, or view our Portfolio Of Plant Installations


You can also view some Testimonials and the latest Blog posts, as well as learn about our Charitable program Plants for Paws

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