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Rectangle Planters

Rectangle Floor Planter in Wellesley Massachusetts

Rectangle Interior Planters

Rectangle Planters have been around for a while and are becoming more and more popular in plantings in offices and homes. They’re a fantastic way to add plants to any space that is tight.


This raised rectangle planter at Dover Corporation in Watertown, MA is a perfect way to display these cheery lemon lime plants, and also acts as a natural compliment to their big, floor to ceiling glass walls throughout their office. Many people find they serve a dual purpose when placed in front of glass walls; not only do they provide greenery, they keep people from inadvertently walking into the glass!

For more information on rectangle planters, or for a free consultation, get in touch with us!

What is 4+2?

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3 Dimensional Live Walls

green plant wall installed in beverly maLive Green Plant wall in an office in Watertown MA

Living Plant Walls 3d Version!

Live plant walls come in a multitude of configurations, from the flat, static, hedge like look to the 3d versions shown her
These walls are both installed in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They’re comprised of plants such as Lemon Lime Plants and Janet Craig Compacta plants. These plants grow out rather than down, have larger leaves, and give the wall that really cool, jungle, textured look.

You can learn more about Living Wall Installation and Maintenance on our Live Plant Walls page.

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Pothos Totem

Pothos TotemPothos totem in a facility in Watertown, MA

Pothos Totem

Pothos Totems are great plants for tight spots. Being a vine, pothos usually grows as a tabletop or hanging plant, but in this case it’s grown into a pyramid or totem form by painstaikingly wrapping the vines and gently stapling them to a center pole or a teepee of three bamboo poles grouped together.
Pothos Totems are great plants for tight spots. They fit where most plants won’t, and their footprint is small–never taking up more than one square foot of floor space, since we keep the trailers trimmed as part of any Interior Plant Maintenance plan.

They’re fairly easy to maintain, water about every 2 weeks or when the soil starts to dry out. They are a bit prone to mealybug as a pest, especially in dry environments like offices, so they need to be monitored pretty frequently.

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Filing Cabinet Plants

Filing cabinet plants displayed in sequence in watertown company

Plants on File Cabinets

Often times because space in offices is tight, we try to incorporate plants where we can.  In this case, file cabinet tops are the perfect opportunity.

The tops of filing cabinets are usually naturally bare anyway, so what better way to dress them up than to add some plant life!

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Raised White Planters

a janet craig plant in a company in waltham ma

Raised White Planters

Sometimes a simple bushy plant in a raised neutral colored container can add so much to a space, as it does with this large conference room at a company in Waltham, MA.
The dark green leaves of this Janet Craig plant contrast perfectly with the neutral white container. This is a big room, and we have a few of these installed at this office.

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Dumb Cane

Plants - Humour

Did you know you can view this plant on our Interior Plant Library page?


We have Low Light Plants, Medium Light, and High Light Plants all listed with sizes that are available.


View the entire library here:


Interior Plant Library


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