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We use a visually based quoting method where we take snapshots of areas of your office and photoshop 3d images of plants right in!  It’s all presented in a handy .pdf that you can view, print, or email and share with colleagues…The plants you’ll see are the plants you’ll get!


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Since 2003, we have been providing interior plant sales, design and maintenance to companies and facilities Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  

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Read what our clients say about our service and the success that they’ve achieved

Our office plant care has been in their hands since 2006…

rhapis palm and ficus tree in Taunton MA office

Our office plant care has been in the good hands of EnviroGreenery plants since August 2006. Terry and his team are very knowledgeable and reliable caretakers of our greenery.

Jolanda Creech
BTU International, Billerica MA

We absolutely love the plants!

We absolutely love the plants and your installation team was awesome!

Melissa Foley
TieKinetix, Tewksbury MA

Thanks for the new plants!

Moth orchids - Orchids

Thanks for the new plants!  They look great in the reception area.  I appreciate your help as always.

Tammy Robie
Bioprocess Tech Consultants, Woburn MA

I found comfort in your knowledge of the subject matter…

Orchids - Interior Plant Services

I greatly appreciated your attention to detail in outfitting our office with green life! I found comfort in your knowledge of the subject matter, knowing that it would help us make a worthwhile investment that would last in our office space.

Colleen Farley
Robbins Farley, Manchester NH

Why can’t all my vendors be like Envirogreenery!?

Tropical Greenery Hudson MA

Wow! What great customer service! Thank you so much for addressing issues so quickly! Why can’t all my vendors be like Envirogreenery!?

Melissa Legasse
Measured Progress, Dover NH

We’ve received several compliments already…

Southborough Indoor Plant Trio

Hi Terry, A quick note to indicate how pleased we are with the plants. We’ve received several compliments already!

Stephanie Querci
Community Medical Professionals, North Andover MA

Their variety is great, but their service is even better…

exotic looking planters in a modern office in burlington ma

Terry personally came into the office to make sure the plants to choose from fit our rooms. Their variety is great, but their service is even better. They even adjusted their maintenance intervals to our needs. Thanks again, Terry.

Ramona Werner
ProAlpha Software, Nashua NH

Thank you for the wonderful design scheme…

Plants and flower bowl display in interior plant clients office

Thank you for the wonderful design scheme.  I think it really helps define our space.  The employees love the plants, and some of them tell me they can even feel the freshness in the air since you did the installation!

Donna Belkakis
Chordiant Software, Bedford NH

Wonderful Service

EnviroGreenery provides excellent service. Their hand-selected greenery is appreciated throughout the office and adds a refreshing and natural feel to the corporate setting. The EnviroGreenery staff couldn’t be friendlier and is incredibly attentive to the well-being of the plants. Very nice to work with. Would highly recommend.

Debbie Patterson
ONello & Mello, LLP

Thanks for all that EnviroGreenery has done for us…

Thanks for all that EnviroGreenery has done for us. You all have been fantastic.

Dan Speidel
Rivier University, Nashua NH

Love the flower bowl…

Green Flowering Plants Lexington

I love the flower bowl you just installed!  So creative!  Thanks!

Jennie Tim
Farley White Management, Lowell MA

Since I’ve been here the plants haven’t looked this good…

orchid flowering plant display in boston ma

You have great attention to detail.  Since I’ve been here the plants haven’t looked this good!  Thanks!

Debbie Fischer
Cummings Printing, Hooksett NH


Westborough MA Plants Car Dealership

Fantastic!  Your team is wonderful and careful and neat!  Thanks again!

Lois Schreier
Fairway Mortgage, Newton MA

EnviroGreenery provides excellent service…

ZZ Plant Woburn MA

EnviroGreenery provides excellent service and a top-notch lineup of plants.  Their hand-selected greenery is appreciated throughout the office and adds a refreshing and natural feel to the corporate setting.  The EnviroGreenery staff couldn’t be friendlier and is incredibly attentive to the well-being of the plants.

Sam Harvey
Elysium Digital, Boston MA

I had the pleasure of working with EnviroGreenery…

Living wall of plants in Somerville, MA

I had the pleasure of working with EnviroGreenery in the winter of 2012.  My organization was looking to outfit the facility on a specific budget.  I set the spending guidelines and they were able to come up with solutions to fit our needs while staying in our budget.

Mark Croatti
Bosch Thermotechnology, Londonderry NH

A Warm Reception

matching planters in a hotel in bedford massachusetts

Hi Terry,

I want to tell you what a warm reception the plants have received by our employees here. They’ve added color and life!

Glenda Bourque
Vention Medical, Marlborough MA


Massachusetts - American Pit Bull Terrier

Terry and Staff,

We are beyond grateful for the donation that you have made to our shelter in honor of your fur baby Molly! It was such a great surprise to see a donation come in from my home town! It’s an amazing thing that you are doing for shelters across the country!

We are so grateful that you picked us! A big shout out to the 603!

Thank you Terry!

Elena Lawson, Charleston Animal Society

Office Plant Tips and News

2102, 2019

Surprise Plant Pests

February 21st, 2019|Comments Off on Surprise Plant Pests

Boxer - Dog breed

Plant Pests

Sometimes the types of pests that show up in plants can surprise you…

1005, 2016

Office Plant Pests: Mealybug

May 10th, 2016|Comments Off on Office Plant Pests: Mealybug

Of all the pests we deal with in Interiorscape, nothing bugs me more than Mealy (har!).

photo courtesy of University Of MD College of Agriculture







Mealybug is one of the most pervasive pests we deal with in interior landscaping.  It appears as white, q-tip looking type cottony blemishes on otherwise healthy leaves.  These little miscreants suck the juices from the plant leaves and cause yellowing, browning, and dying leaves.  If left untreated, it can quickly ravage the plant and render it in need of replacement.

Worse, the severely weakened plant is much more susceptible to other pests such as scale and mites as a result.  It’s like I tell people:  The mealybug throws a party on your plant and invites all its pesky friends over for a buffet.

Plants in your home are not immune to mealy, but it thrives in offices and commercial buildings because of the poor air quality, limited airflow, and hot, dry conditions.  In large commercial indoor plantings it’s a nightmare: It can quickly spread from plant to plant and before you know it you have a full scale infestation.

Treatment is usually two fold:  For a quick “knockback” we use a combination of rubbing alchohol and water, 50/50, that kills the mealy on when it’s sprayed on the leaves.  Another great natural pesticide is dishwashing detergent and water. Yes, plain old liquid dishwashing detergent.  Mix a half a teaspoon or so in water, get it nice and foamy, and spray it on the affected areas.  It smothers the mealybug, and as long as you don’t overdo it, is perfectly fine for the plant.  It can dry on the leaves–it doesn’t need to be washed off. Routine application of this over a period of a week or two when the mealy is noticeable should eventually eliminate it.

For long term control Merit or some other systemic pesticide is best–these are introduced into the soil with watering and the plant absorbs them through it’s root structure and it becomes inherent in the leaves and shoots of the plant providing protection for up to 6 months or more.

To keep Mealy from forming on your houseplants, use a humidifier in your house in the winter. Spraying the leaves periodically with water will help the plant as well. Generally healthy plants don’t develop mealy, but nature can sometimes find a way, and with a little help from humans we can rid the plant of these pests.


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