Finally! An Easy, Inexpensive Office Plant Package!

The Super 7 Package:

7 Floor Plants for Only $79 a month!

7 Big Floor Plants

Professionally Maintainted

Free Replacements

Only $79 a month for plants and maintenance

   The Super 7  Package Includes:

  • 7  Big, live floor plants (or tabletop, your choice!)

  • 7 Decorative black cylinder containers

  • $79 a month includes purchase of plants and containers, regular maintenance visits and unlimited free replacements

  • No other costs or charges other than a small, one time $29.95 installation fee


The Super 7 Package is an introductory office plant package that includes purchase of all plants and regular maintenance

It’s designed to get you fitted up with some beautiful live plants and maintenance for minimal start up costs.

It’s simple: $79 a month for 7 plants, regular monthly visits and free replacements as needed.

The service plan is for 12 months, and after that you own your plants outright, and the service converts to a month to month plan.

That’s all there is to it–just $79 a month and a one time, $29.95 installation fee and you get 7 lush, live plants, regular maintenance, and free replacements! Please see our FAQ below for more details!

Before Plants

After Plants!

EnviroGreenery has been greening up offices in New England for over 14 years, making us one of the most trusted and qualified Interior Landscaping companies in the area. Friendly technicians, free replacements, beautiful plants are the reasons our customers have fallen in love with our service. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. Read some testimonials below to find out why we’re the best choice to help bring life into your office!

“Our office plant care has been in the good hands of EnviroGreenery plants since August 2006. Terry and his team are very knowledgeable and reliable caretakers of our greenery.”

Jolanda Creech

BTU International

“You provide excellent service and a top-notch lineup of plants.”

Sam Harvey

Elysium Digital

“Your service is wonderful.  Why can’t all my vendors be this good?”

Melissa Legasse

Measured Progress


7 plants and pots and monthly maintenance for only $79 a month?

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Offer ends 10/1/17

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a lease or purchase?

A: This is a purchase–after one year of $79 a month for the plants, containers, and regular service, the plants are yours to keep.

Q:  How big are the plants?

A:  These are full size, 10″ diameter grow pot plants, and range in height from 2.5 to 5 feet high, depending on the species. If need be, we’re happy to substitute smaller tabletop sized plants if you don’t think 7 floor plants would fit in your office, but you still wanted to take advantage of the offer.

Q: Do I get to pick them?

A:  We carefully select the best species that will do well in office environments, and tend to give you a mix of bushy and tall plants.  That said, if you’re unhappy with a particular plant after installation, we’re happy to swap it for something different.

Q: What does the $79 monthly maintenance include?

A:  It includes the plants and containers, regular visits for watering, fertilizer, dusting, pruning, and free replacement plants should any of them need replacing for any reason, even if for whatever reason they experience trouble and thin out within a few months!

Q:  How long is the agreement for?

A:  The initial term of the sales and maintenance agreement is for 1 year of service, and then month to month thereafter. After 1 year, should you choose, you can cancel the service and keep the plants!

Q:  Seems to good to be true.  7 really big floor plants for $79 a month?

A:  Our service is why people stay with us long term.  This promotional package is offered at $600 below of the normal price of the plants and pots, and we offer it this low because most clients stay with us well past the year service mark.  We’re willing to take a considerable hit in the short term to win you as a lifelong customer in the long term. Fantastic looking plants is what we’re all about–and if that means we have to change some for you even as soon as a couple of months after installation to make sure everything looks fantastic, that’s something we’re more than willing to do.

Q:  I don’t need 7 floor plants.  Can I get some smaller ones, such as for filing cabinets, desktops, etc.?

A:  Sure, as mentioned above, we’re more than willing to adjust the offer to accommodate your needs.  Just ask!

Q:  Can I get some different pots?

A:  We offer standard plastic office cylinders as part of this offer in matte black, because it matches virtually all existing office decor.  We certainly have other styles of containers/pots to choose from, and they can be integrated into this offer for an additional cost.

Q:  Can I get more than 7 plants?

A:  Sure, you can add plants to this package at the promotional rate of $11.00 per plant per month.

Q: So, to be sure, what’s the final cost?

A:  After installation, we’ll bill you $79 plus a small, one time installation fee of $29.95.  That’s really it.

Our current clients include major industry leaders such as:

$79 a month and $29.95 one time installation. Minimum 12 month agreement, then month to month thereafter. Major credit card required. Can not be combined with any other promotions or offers. Expires 10/1/17.